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Originals, prints, and handcrafted ceramics.
Pink Clouds



   Born and raised in the small town of Florence, Colorado I first grew an interest in drawing by retreating into my room to copy the images out of children books. As I grew older, I found beauty in the mountainous landscape sparking my interest in painting. The change in pace once I moved to Boulder Colorado for college caused me to become more introspective. The differences in people and ways of living raised my curiosity about the functions of society.

    Originally, I believed much of my conceptual work was derived from dreams and the subconscious due to my continuous self-analysis which in turn became critiques on society. This provided the basis for the growth of my work to focus on human connection. This process allows me to understand my surrounding environment and what causes me to feel uncomfortable. Drawing on these emotions I find the primal drivers of our actions, describe them in an uncanny manner, and mask them with humor and bright color palates to reveal a glimpse of the various ways humans interact with what is important to them and others. 

Events & Exhibitions

“Home & Garden,” CU Art Building Lobby, Boulder, Colorado, United States, November, 2018


“WHAT IS ART?/ WHO AM I?/MY COUNTRY IS,”  ARTIFICIO Gallery, Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia, April 12 – May 10, 2019


“RAW Presents ARISE,” The Church Nightclub, Denver, Colorado, United States, August 1, 2019


“Artist Interview,” Conception Arts, Web, 2019

“Conception Art Show,” The Hanger Stanley, Aurora, Colorado, October 24, 2019


“National Arts Drive,” Raw Artists, Virtual, June 20, 2020

"Shoutout HTX Interview," Shoutout HTX, Web, 2022

Bachelor's Degree in Drawing and Painting with a minor in Art History - University of Colorado at Boulder


T. 719 - 214 - 1692  |
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