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Perpetually Unfettering

Perpetually Unfettering

This work emulates Andre Breton’s notion of “perpetually unfettering” the mind. His concept is a way to reach a surreality by freeing the mind of everyday thoughts which chain people to abide by society’s rules. The painting represents this through the transformation of humans into birds as they soar across the sky. The clouds are a motif in my artwork that continually represents freedom. Another reference is made to Icarus paralleling the fine line Breton talks about between reality and the subconscious state. In this instance falling too far into the subconscious state results in insanity reflecting Icarus when he flies too close to the sun. The fine lines are drawn here to help further indicate the perfect balance between the two states reaching a surreal state.

  • 2020

    54 x 54 x 2 inches

    Oil on Canvas

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