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Sentimental Reflections

Life experiences that involve change and relocation have taught me that people often come and go - a very beautiful, but also saddening occurrence. Previously, I did not think about how the people closest to me may become just a distant memory. Sure, with some we still keep in touch; however, due to distance and time we grew apart. This series of drawings has become a way for me to appreciate the friends closest to me as I become conscious of the fact that we may live far apart. In response, I am drawing realistic portraits of each individual based on photographs as a way of engraving their faces in my head. Then, I set some time aside to have one on one interactions where I create contour line drawings over the portrait. By doing this, I make sure that before we leave valuable time is spent together. The different styles is representative of how much they have changed in the course I have known them. The slowness of the charcoal allows me to dwell on the past to a certain extent, while the fast pace of the ink makes me focus on the present. After I finish the drawings, I give them to the person represented as a sign of gratitude for their presence in my life and as a trace of me.

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